Sunday, November 9, 2014

Movin' on a Sunday Afternoooon!

It's Sunday Morning. I am up at 6:30 a.m. because I am pumped!

And mind does a little dance "Should I do yoga? I only committed to myself that I'd do it Monday through Friday. That's my goal. Do I really need to do it on a Sunday? But if I do it, I bet it will feel good and then I can get to work on my dream projects. But is that workaholism? Shouldn't I be resting on the weekend? But I rested yesterday. And when I am going to start on these goals if not now?"


Yoga'ed, showered and darted over to Starbucks.

I set a timer on my Hours Keeper App. I want to track the number of hours I am dedicating each week to my dream projects to get a clearer picture of how I am spending my time. Am I really spending the time and energy I want to spend on the things I say I love and want to do?

As you can see, I've appropriately given myself a rate of $1,000,000.00/hour.

Great ideas like these don't come cheap ;)

So, what did I do in that 1h, 18m?

First I started a new project on my new favorite Project Management tool, SmartSheet. I'll write an entry later about why I love SmartSheet so much, but for right now, I'll show you the sheet I created for my first dream project I'm calling "The Green Room Interviews":

As you can see, I've outlined all the initial steps of the project and listed their subtasks.

I still have to set dates and timelines, but this initial outline helped to guide the rest of the work I did today.

So, what is The Green Room Interviews?

Well, because I have been so inspired by podcasts such as The James Altucher Show, On-Being, This American Life, and the TED Radio Hour, I've decided this is something I must have: An opportunity to interview people I respect and admire.

Who better than my co-workers? Because I do so respect and admire my co-workers.

My idea: To interview each of my co-workers using as a guide their top 5 Strengths determined by the Gallup Strengths Finder Test we all took. I want to try to bring a new dimension to our understanding of ourselves and our fellow employees so we really can work together as a tribe (more on this later). Another goal I have is to submit these interviews to someone at Gallup to show how we are utilizing the StrengthsFinder test in our organization. Essentially, I want my company to be known as one of their case-studies. And I, of course, want to be known as the head of that initiative.

This desire makes perfect sense in light of my own strengths:

I'll go into these themes in more depth in another post.

Suffice it to say for now, though, taking the StrengthsFinder test changed my life.

This is me in 5 words. Or at least the best parts of me in 5 words. My favorite parts.

And the parts that I am now working towards capitalizing on.

I AM an activator, which is why I want to bring these dreamy things (like becoming a good interviewer/podcaster) into being. I AM a Developer which is why I am so damn focused on other people's strengths and why I found this project so exhilarating. I AM Connectedness which is why I want to give a view of the "whole being" of my co-workers. I want to show how our professional and personal lives interplay and how we can share our collective wisdom - in the office or out in the field.

I really am so energized and excited to embark on this cool journey.

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